Wednesday, April 28, 2021

Married Life OTR

 Smack in the nose with the trailer electrical cord was smarts. My tear ducts decided to release unvoluntarily. Even Andrew has had that happen to him. Didn't break anything. Just hurts.

I keep calling the gladhands grommets nipples. Asked Andrew are the nipples touching right. He said those are called grommets but I like your word better.

Driving California traffic with a tractor trailer is bumpy and busy. Very tight maneuvering. Getting lots of experience while building glute muscles.

Monday, April 26, 2021

First Load

Finally doing our first load together. We kind of teamed this one but not as a team. Our first load is a HAZMAT load. This picture was taken as we were waiting for the load. Too beautiful.

We ate vegetarian once because we intended vegan but didn't look close enough. Other than that we have been eating vegan. Truck Stops have vegan food in the restaurants now. After picking up the truck for the first time we stopped at Walmart to stock the truck with Vegan food. We also brought a little vegan food with us from home. Never thought we would see this but there actually Walmarts that don't stock produce. I questioned the cashier and she said that Walmart specializes in BBQing. That was interesting. We don't make a big deal. We found produce at the truck stop. Was just different.


Saturday, April 24, 2021

New To Us Truck

We have made a first step in our goal to team truck. Andrew will train me and then we will transition into team drivers. After training, Mack can come with us. Right now sons are taking care of him. He is depressed the boys say but the raw hide bones are helping comfort him. What is difficult for him is when we call. He gets so excited then he goes back to depressed. The boys are good to him.

We picked up our tractor. The tractor had cigarette residue, dog food and trash all over the floor. Company offered to detail it but we didn't want to be in a hotel any longer and wanted to get to work. I am stuffy, itchy and sneezing due to I developed a cigarette allergy. We cleaned the tractor and it's getting better. 

This company is a good company. They provided hotel and food for us. They have lots of resources. Love the tractor has a refrigerator and we can add a microwave. They let us know expectation up front while also taking into account our needs which we appreciate. 

If you are interested in trucking with Covenant Transport please let us know. We get paid for referrals. 


Friday, April 16, 2021

Vet Appointment

 Getting ready to go trucking. Mack had his yearly wellness exam. He is already on heartworm medicine but I decided to ask the vet about Mosquito repellent so if we go in the Southern States he is comfortable. What made me think about it was hearing GMO mosquitos will be released. I'm like Eww.... Need more garlic. Then I thought of Mack. Dogs cannot eat garlic. Vet told us a topical to put on him and said with the topical he needs to wear a shirt. The only shirt he has is Mariners. I might consider a different shirt. She said he needs to remain on his heart worm medicine for 3 months after being in the south to make sure he isn't infected by a lingering bite. 

Wednesday, April 14, 2021

Road Dog

 Mack, our road dog, has his annual vet appointment this week. This week's vet appointment will be getting him ready to be a road dog. We keep his vet records in our phone in a file incase DOT port of entry needs to see it or God forbid he is injured or something. The quicker we can release information the better. We have records on him dating back to 2013. 

He has been a road dog before. We learned he could read when he read signage on tractors & we curiously let him tell us which one was ours. He did by himself finally walked on his own to the steps of our tractor. The vet said recent shot records & medical records she will email to us so we can add to his traveling file. He is on a flea and heart wormer prescription medication prescribed by Mack's veterinarian and does get annually checked for worms.

We purchased him a rechargeable blinking dog collar and a reflective vest and leash. He refuses to wear shoes. He is microchipped and has medical details attached digitally to his dog tags. He even has had dental work. We have made the decision he will be our last dog. We picked him up from the Humane Society.  When we found him he was approximately 1 year old. Now he is a senior dog. 

Update : I also added his medical records and shot immunization records digitally to his ID tag on his collar. If DOT Port of Entry needs to see his immunization records they can go to the website on his tag or if he is ever lost and then found he will have health records delivered to aid his care instantly once his tag is scanned to a phone. Great way to be able to speak for him if we are unable to.

Sunday, April 4, 2021


Not everyone needs to know the other side of the story. The truth over time will reveal itself. For myself I pray and meditate, talk about it within my circle and make long term decisions. I decided it was time to go team truck driving and put the money and time invested in it to use. I also decided I need to take a year off of social media to cleanse my vibrations and have some time offline. Time has a habit of working things out. We will update in a year. Be blessed and be a blessing.

Friday, March 26, 2021

Beginning OTR

 We talked to a recruiter today and are in the process of onboarding. Andrew and I will be Team Trucking all over America together. Mack, our rescue dog, gets to come on the road too! We will still remain vegan and blog about our diet. This blog will be in diary format. 

Married Life OTR

 Smack in the nose with the trailer electrical cord was smarts. My tear ducts decided to release unvoluntarily. Even Andrew has had that hap...