Saturday, April 24, 2021

New To Us Truck

We have made a first step in our goal to team truck. Andrew will train me and then we will transition into team drivers. After training, Mack can come with us. Right now sons are taking care of him. He is depressed the boys say but the raw hide bones are helping comfort him. What is difficult for him is when we call. He gets so excited then he goes back to depressed. The boys are good to him.

We picked up our tractor. The tractor had cigarette residue, dog food and trash all over the floor. Company offered to detail it but we didn't want to be in a hotel any longer and wanted to get to work. I am stuffy, itchy and sneezing due to I developed a cigarette allergy. We cleaned the tractor and it's getting better. 

This company is a good company. They provided hotel and food for us. They have lots of resources. Love the tractor has a refrigerator and we can add a microwave. They let us know expectation up front while also taking into account our needs which we appreciate. 

If you are interested in trucking with Covenant Transport please let us know. We get paid for referrals. 


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